Outpost: A Film Review

@OutpostTheFilm: A Review

For me, Outpost is not really about technology and the great big lights in the sky, but about the place of humanity in relation to them. A theme that should speak to anyone, regardless of your tastes…

How to Learn a Language Without Going Back to School

Traditional language courses can be time-consuming and expensive. And not everyone learns in the same way. Fortunately there are many fun and free options available for those that are unable and/or unwilling to spend a lot of time and money studying a language.

Out of Amsterdam: Tourism with a Twist

It always strikes me how foreign tourists stick to the same handful of places. In The Netherlands, where I’m from, everyone flocks to the Red Light District or Anne Frank House, depending on their preferences. I can’t vouch for the Red Light District…

Joker: A Review

It was raining on my day off so the cinema was an obvious choice. With Joker freshly released, and attracting controversy on a scale that seems unusual these days, I was keen to see what all the fuss was about.