The Good, the Bad, and the Mad: A Review of Richard Wilhermer’s Anomalie

Going to a cinema to see a documentary about psychiatry does not sound like a recipe for a great night out, let alone a recommendable tourist activity, but hear me out…


“I know the alphabet. Maybe I could be a writer” On Hubert Selby Jr.’s Last Exist to Brooklyn

Rarely have I encountered a less ambitious explanation of an author’s reasons for starting a literary career. But then again, Hubert Selby Jr. was no ordinary writer. Writing about the down and out, while struggling with poor health and addiction, one probably cares little about the literary establishment and its self-invented rules…

Why You Should Do Yoga, Even If You Don’t Like To Talk About Chakras

It’s the end of January, which means it’s the end of my annual yoga retreat. Like most people I can’t afford to take this dreary month off work to practice upward facing dog in a hot and sunny location, so I’ve settled again for the more practical option. For the third year in a row I’ve taken part in Yoga with Adriene’s 30 day yoga journey. This year the programme is called Dedicate.

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