Here’s a list of my academic publications (some work in progress):

Forthcoming (2018)         Extreme States: The Evolution of American Transgressive Fiction 1960-2000. Routledge / Taylor & Francis. Monograph.

Forthcoming (2018)         “‘I Like to Dissect Girls’: Mary Harron’s American Psycho as Gendered Metafiction.” ReFocus: The Films of Mary Harron. Ed. Kyle Barrett. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Book chapter.

Forthcoming (2018)         “From Man-Child to Martyr: Masculinity in Chuck Palahniuk’s Post-9/11 Fiction.” Border Masculinities. Eds. Brian Baker, Amit Thakkar and Chris Harris. Book chapter.

 Forthcoming (2018)         “Transgressive Horror.” The Handbook to Horror Literature. Ed. Kevin Corstorphine and Laura Kremmel. London: Palgrave Macmillan. Book chapter.

2017                                       “I Am the Faggot Anti Pope: Exploring Marilyn Manson as a Transgressive Artist.” European Journal of American Studies 12.2. Article.

2017                                       “The Enemy Within: Deconstructing Emerging Femininity in Contemporary Monster Films.” Monsters and Monstrosity in 21st Century Film and Television. Eds. Ashley Szanter and Cristina Artenie. Montréal: Universitas Press, 2017.

2011                                       “On Sadomasochism, Fantasy and Transgression: Rethinking Power and Gender through Histoire d’O.” Frame: Journal of Literary Studies 24.2 (2011): 105-15. Article.


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