At the moment I am working on these publications (all submitted and under review):

  • “Extreme States: A History of American Transgressive Fiction 1960-2000” (monograph, under review at Routledge / Taylor & Francis): does what it says on the tin
  • “From Man-Child to Martyr: Masculinity in Chuck Palahniuk’s Post-9/11 Fiction” (book chapter, part of the Border Masculinities project): explores how recent works by Chuck Palahniuk reflect and interrogate masculinity. Builds from my thesis chapter on Fight Club
  • “From “Man That You Fear” to “Cop Killer”: Exploring the Radicalism of American Shock Rock” (article, submitted to the European Journal of American Studies ): explores how three shock rock artists (Marilyn Manson, Body Count and Brujeria) develop the notion of radicalism in their work. Builds from a paper I delivered at the Radical Americas conference at University College London in September 2015
  • “The Enemy Within: Deconstructing Emerging Femininity in Contemporary Monster Films” (book chapter, part of the Monsters and Monstrosity project): explores how the trope of the forest monster allows contemporary horror films to interrogate extra-textual ideologies, such as patriarchy. Builds from my redefinition of transgression as a central social mechanism in my thesis, and explores some themes (patriarchy, the nuclear family) in more depth



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